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Ten Wines for Under $10

by tami on September 7, 2010

With kids back in school and the promise of a beautiful fall right around the corner, we at Imbibe like to take time to focus on the moments that life gives us.  And with these moments, what better time to enjoy some great wine at amazing prices.

There is a belief out there that for wine to be good it has to cost a lot.  We like to base a wine on its merits not its price tag.  To prove our point, here is a list of ten wines all under $10 that please the palate and the wallet.  If you’re ever in the mood to test drive some of these wines, they are always rotating on the wine bar, so be sure to stop by.  Enjoy!


Broadbent Vinho VerdeNV Vinho Verde $9.99

                This Portuguese wine has become a new staple in my house.  Whether we’re having fish, chicken or just a glass before dinner, this wine is perfect anytime.  Broadbent’s Vinho Verde does have the traditional slight green hue to the wine that the name implies.  Green apple is this wine’s middle name, with its bright acidity and lush fruitiness.  The fun of this wine comes in the form of a slight effervescence that enlivens the tongue and enhances its refreshing nature.  If you’re looking to try something new and delicious, Broadbent’s Vinho Verde is for you. ~Josh


ruston2007 Ruston Sauvignon Blanc $9.91

                Loaded with lemon and lime, the wine delivers as much flavor as it does crisp acidity.  A subtle toasty quality almost gives the wine a sense of tart lemon cream pie, crust and all.  There is a nice creaminess to this wine that is not only refreshing but also very satisfying.  This is one of the new favorites this summer.  This wine has sold so well, we’re down to our last two cases so be sure to stop in and pick up a couple of bottles before they’re gone. ~Josh


MCM006 MUF3 ¥d.ai2008 McManis Zinfandel $9.99

                I am a strong believer that there is a wine for everybody. And to that effect, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the McManis Zinfandel.  This is quite possibly one the most delicious, well-balanced Zinfandels that I have seen in a long time.  This wine has a smooth boldness that delivers deep, dark chocolate and black raspberries with great structure and acid to back it up.  One of my favorite characteristics of this wine is its subtle notes of grainy, raw honey.  Absolutely superb. This wine is an easy recommendation for me and a definite “go-to” for anyone who loves wine. ~Josh


HM 2006 Sultry Red Tasting Notes2008 Hey Mambo Sultry Red $9.99

                A real crowd pleaser – this wine brings a lot of players to the game with a blend of Syrah, Barbera, Zinfandel, Petit Syrah, Malbec and the rare Alicante Bouchet. Full and fleshy with a deep ruby hue, Sultry Red carries a nose of black cherries, tobacco and sweet leather. The palate brings it these flavors too, along with dense juicy berries, peppercorns and firm tannins. This offering will get your attention as a great pairing with your gamey dishes such as meaty sausages or lamb ragu. ~Richard


trumpeter_chard_MV2007 Trumpeter Chardonnay $7.99

                Due to its high quality and low price, this Argentinean Chardonnay has become a weeknight favorite for wine lovers.  Full pineapple and rich gala apple lead the way with just enough oak to help balance things out.  The subtle use of oak provides a nice baking spice background that lingers after the drink is gone.  This is the perfect Chardonnay for those that love Chardonnay and for those still testing it out.  Stop in today because this one always sells quickly. ~Josh


borsao2008 Borsao Garnacha $7.99

This Spanish blend of 90% Old Vine Garnacha (Grenache) & 10% Tempranillo exhibits fresh aromas & flavors of cranberry, pomegranate & strawberry with a bright, rich finish. It’s an excellent value for your everyday red; in fact, it’s my ‘house red’. Enjoy! ~Deanna


sangriaNV Bodega San Antonio Sangria ‘Tradicional’ & ‘Blanca’ $8.99

The Sangria ‘Tradicional’ is a semi-sweet red wine with hints of orange, lemon and lime. The ‘Blanca’ is also sweet with tropical fruit flavors and  a touch of ginger spiciness. They are at their best when served chilled from a pitcher filled with ice & fresh sliced citrus fruits. Delicious & refreshing. ~Deanna


j-lohr-Valdiguie-062009 J. Lohr Valdiguie $9.99

This wine, made from the Valdiguie grape, is THE wine for entry level red wine drinkers. It’s loaded with bright grape/berry/cherry aromas & flavors with a lip smackingly delicious finish. Light-bodied & Beaujolais-like in style it makes the perfect companion to grilled chicken with a light brushing of BBQ sauce. Yum-yum! ~Deanna


Wolf Blass Brut Yellow LabelNV Wolf Blass Brut Yellow Label $6.99

Delightful, refreshing Aussie sparkler with a nose of crisp, ripe apple. There is a touch of creamy yeastiness on the palate & the finish is light, crisp & mouth-watering. It’s my ‘Sunday go-to’ bottle of bubbly! ~Deanna


Caposaldo Pinot Grigio2009 Caposaldo Pinot Grigio $9.99

Classic Pinot Grigio with light citrus & white stone fruit aromas & flavors. It’s light-bodied, crisp & refreshing; an excellent accompaniment to appetizers, salads & light pasta dishes. ~Deanna 

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