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by tami on March 5, 2010

To all those who Imbibe,

We wanted to take a minute to let you all know about a few great wines that we just got in at Imbibe.  Some of these are such great wines at great prices that they may not last for long so be sure to stop in a pick some up.

cedar knoll2005 Cedar Knoll Cabernet Sauvignon $39.99

Cedar Knoll is a second wine from Palmaz. In the bottle you will find a big Cabernet, dry and full-bodied, with extravagant cassis, cherry and oak flavors that contain riper notes of red currants and licorice. This is a great wine to sit and slowly sip – if you pay special attention, you’ll notice the wine evolve as you enjoy it, revealing layers of flavor and complexity. This property was winning awards in Paris in the late 1800’s before prohibition brought the winery down. Under the supervision of the Palmaz family the vines are well on their way back to international recognition.Ken Brown SM PN

2007 Ken Brown Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley $29.99

This wine offers lush fruit aromas on the nose and velvety richness on the palate. Fragrances of sweet, dark cherry are accented by a touch of cinnamon and mocha. An opulent mid-palate features dark cherry flavors and subtle smokiness from well-integrated French oak expression. The wine finishes rich and elegantly with a soft touch of tannins.

Ken Brown C PN2007 Ken Brown Pinot Noir Cargasachi Vineyard $44.99

This Pinot Noir is all about complexity. The wine is silky, elegant and seamless—the combined result of pure vineyard expression, cellar complexity and oak barrel infusion. The nose leads with complexities derived from the vineyard, including rich earth tones, hints of truffle, toasted almond and dark fruit components. Gentle tannins are balanced with the right touch of natural acidity. The flavors are enveloped in a luxurious texture, which along with the aromatics, will intensify and become even more complex with additional bottle age.Ken Brown SR PN

2007 Ken Brown Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills $35.99

This wine is a classic expression of Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir, a fusion of the diversity of the appellation. Richly extracted aromas of dark cherry, blackberry and black raspberry are accented by a touch of toasted almond and a gentle spice note imparted by French oak. On the palate, flavors of Bing cherries and subtle earth tones give way to a rich, dense mouthfeel, luxurious tannins and a silky finish. The wine’s richness allows for excellent drinkability upon release, while its structure ensures great cellar potential.

CHERRYPIE2007 Cherry Pie Pinot Noir $39.99

Super-Star winemaker Jason Woodbridge brought us Hundred Acre and Layer Cake. and he has done it again with Cherry Pie Pinot. The nose unfolds with hints of violets, Portobello mushrooms, blackberries, minerals and sweet earth.  It envelops the palate, almost to the point of overwhelming, then opens up to show beautiful balance and sophistication with an elegant texture.  Explosive on the palate, it transforms midway into every red berry you’ve ever tasted.  The finish lingers, uncovering a wisp of anise, blackberry honey and golden pastry roasting in the oven.

And as if all this wine was not enough, be sure to come in and check out our selection of over 20 amazing import and gourmet cheeses.  For your convenience, we have assorted cheese plates made daily, as well as pre-cut blocks of cheese, perfect for taking home, enjoying on a picnic or even pairing with a glass of wine in our beautiful bar.

beemster_classicBeemster Classic Gouda $16.95/lb Beemster Gouda is aged for no less than 18 months to ensure that its complex flavors are given the opportunity to develop. Gouda is somewhat hard and crumbly with a nice salty, tangy sharpness and hints of butterscotch on the finish.camembert_medium

Camembert La Tradition $11.99/lb A soft cheese that has generous flavors and a delicate, soft texture, but not runny. This cheese is meant to be enjoyed when it is young and mild, flavors and texture are reminiscent of brie, but with a little more tang on the finish.

Beemster Goat

Beemster Goat Gouda $13.99/lb While very similar to the classic gouda there are certainly a few things that set this one apart. It has a smooth silky texture when compared to the classic gouda, and here and there as you chew you pop a little salty casein crystal that makes your mouth water. Great cheese to enjoy with wine!


Cana de Oveja $15.95/lb A sheep’s milk cheese made in a region — Murcia in southeast Spain — known primarily for goat cheese. The cheese just under the rind will be translucent and creamy, while the heart of the cheese will be pale ivory, dense and firm. The aroma suggests damp cellar and mushrooms; a sliver of cheese coats the tongue, leaving behind big, tangy flavors.

fourme Forme D’Ambert $14.95/lb One of Frances oldest cheeses, Fourme d`Ambert is more supple and dense than most blues. The flavor is savory and nutty and the paste is creamy with a lasting taste of wine. The maturing process takes place in humid cellars where the cheese is injected with its signature blue veins.


Cave Aged Gruyere $14.95/lb A traditional, creamy, unpasteurized, semi-soft cheese. Slightly grainy, the cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavors – at first fruity, then later becoming more earthy and nutty. The natural, rusty brown rind is hard, dry and pitted with tiny holes.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop in a speak with any of our knowledgable staff.



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